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Our Mission

The CWGA is a non-profit amateur golf organization established in 1916 to promote golf in the state of Colorado and preserve the integrity of the game.

The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Day-to-day operations are administered by a professional office staff. Nearly 80 volunteer for the CWGA serving on various standing committees.

The CWGA’s mission is accomplished through the many activities that it organizes and runs with the help of volunteers that serve on the Board of Directors and committees. The committees include: Course Rating and Handicapping, Junior Golf, Rules, Site Location, and Tournaments.

The CWGA is comprised of close to 17,000 iindividuals who belong to approximately 250 member clubs.

CWGA Bylaws (Amended 2/27/10)

For 100 years, the Colorado Women’s Golf Association has focused on preserving, improving and sharing all that this great game has to offer with everyone in the state.


Golf is an amazing game that teaches life-lessons such as etiquette, respect for yourself and others, and rewards patience and perseverance as much as strength and agility. And, as one of the very few sports you can enjoy your whole life, the learning and fun never stops.


The CWGA supports the Colorado Junior Golf Association which provides opportunities for young competitors to achieve their full potential. Through tournaments and educational seminars, kids develop skills that they will use both on and off the golf course.


We put clubs in the hands of women and junior girls of all ages and abilities through our social golf outings and clinics. We create an environment where everyone can have fun while learning the game. To learn more about the golf experiences that the CWGA conducts, visit our events page for clinic dates.


Our commitment to the development of young people has never stopped at the golf course. That’s why we’ve helped to change the lives of hundreds of Colorado caddies by awarding them Evans Caddie Scholarships to the University of Colorado, covering all of their tuition and housing costs. Learn more…


Friendly competition provides an opportunity to bring golf’s life-lessons into focus. We conduct state championships for golfers of all ages. To learn more about the competitions that the CWGA conducts, visit our tournaments page.


Along with providing avenues to the life-lessons golf teaches, we serve as the official clearing house for all aspects of golf in Colorado, including the official Rules of Golf.


Since golf’s a game you play for life, creating a fair system for a diverse range of abilities helps make the game enjoyable for everyone. We are the sanctioned caretakers of the USGA Course Rating and Handicap System in Colorado, which levels the playing field for all abilities.

These are just some of the ways the CWGA impacts players of all abilities and shares this game-of-a-lifetime with everyone in Colorado. And, as this amazing game evolves over the next century, so will the ways we use it to change lives for the better.