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Multi-Member Rebates

March 1, 2016

After many discussions, the CWGA has made the difficult decision to discontinue the multi-member rebate program.  This means that we will no longer issue a refund to a member who has paid GHIN handicap fees to more than one club.

The fees support a number of objectives.  The fees allows a golfer to receive a USGA handicap, and to appear on a club roster.  That roster ensures that a club, and in particular the handicap chair, can easily fulfill the USGA Handicap System mandate to monitor handicaps through peer review.  If a score needs to be changed for some reason, the handicap chair needs to have direct access to the player’s record.

It also allows clubs to pair golfers in tournaments by handicap, and put them in the correct flights.  And, all the reports and analyses available in the GHIN system will be complete, such as the report listing members’ handicaps (which is often posted in a locker room), and the most improved golfer report.

The time involved to process the $15 multi-member rebates has grown considerably over the past few years, and is a very manual process.  Even though many members opt to redirect their refund to support the LPGA Girls Golf program, it still requires considerable office resources to manage the program.   Our hope is that the USGA would implement a new GHIN feature at the national level to address this as it affects many golfers across the country.