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LPGA-USGA Girls Golf

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf prepares juniors for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game and provides a solid foundation for girls who want to play for fun with friends and family, to compete at the high school, college, and/or local, state and national levels or to learn for future career purposes, both inside and outside of the golf industry.

Registration for classes includes:

  • Access to Wednesday afternoon events with personal instruction from LPGA Golfers
  • Annual membership with LPGA-USGA Girls Golf
  • A memberkit with tons of LPGA-USGA Girls Golf goodies
  • Unlimited access to the Kids’ Course at CommonGround Golf Course
  • The opportunity to learn how to play and experience golf in a fun environment
  • The chance to build friendships with other girls who have similiar interests

2018 LPGA Calendar

Wednesday, June 6, CommonGround Wednesday, July 18,  CommonGround
Wednesday, June 13, CommonGround Wednesday, July 25,  CommonGround
Wednesday, June 20,  CommonGround Wednesday, August 1,  CommonGround
Tuesday, June 27, The Broadmoor Wednesday, July 18,  CommonGround
Wednesday, July 11,  CommonGround Saturday, August 11, Top Golf
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