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Keystone Golf Club – The River Course


*Registration Note: To register a team for the CGA Parent/ChildChampionship, each member of the team must take one moment and create their CGA player profile. Please see the CGA Tournament home page for player profile regsitration. PGA members only need their PGA Member ID to register.

Registration Deadline:  11:59 p.m. MT Friday May 25, 2018

Entry Fee: $400.00 per team

Availability: Spots in the field will be on a first come, first-served basis. A wait list will build after 60 teams have paid their entry fees.

Eligibility: Open to both male and female players. All players must either be active CGA members, JGAC members or Colorado Section PGA Professionals to register. The Parent/Child relationship must be a blood or legal relationship (no in-laws). A player can only play on one team. Teams can consist of mother/daughter, mother/son, father/son or father/daughter. Grandparents may play with their grandchild.

Format: 36-holes (18 each day). The championship will be competing at both gross and net at 50% of the players combined handicap for both days. The first round will be 18 holes of Modified Chapman. In Modified Chapman, both partners will tee off and then play their second stroke with their partners ball. The team must then select one (1) ball to finish out the hole with and play alternately from there until the ball is holed.

The second round is 18 holes of Foursome Stroke Play in which players will play alternate shot from the tee until the ball is holed. This is true Foursome stroke play in that a player will always tee off at either the odd numberd holes or the even numbered holes. Whoever holes out on the previous putting green does not alter the order of play on the following hole.

Starting Time: 9:00 a.m. shotgun start each morning. Teams will be re-paired for Round Two based on Round One score order.

Loel & Caleb Lierman Award: The Loel & Caleb Lierman Award will be presented to the team that has a junior 18 years old or younger with the lowest gross score at the conclusion of the event.

Carts: Cart fees for each day are included in the entry fee.

Driving Range: Access to the driving range will be provided at no additional charge to the player.

Distance Measuring Devices: Distance measuring devices are permitted provided they measure distance only.

Practice Round Information: Practice Rounds may be made for $65 for adults and $30 for juniors. Please call ahead to the pro shop to schedule a practice round.


Keystone River Course: 970-496-1520

Host PGA Professional: Phillip Tobias

Player Food: A complimentary lunch will be served each day after play has completed. Breakfast will be the responsibility of the player.