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Course Rating

The CWGA rates golf courses every eight years to comply with the USGA. There is no charge to CWGA member facilities to rate or measure their courses.

The CWGA Course Rating Teams are comprised of a CWGA staff member and a group of trained volunteers. When rating a golf course, the rating team evaluates each hole using the USGA Course Rating System. The majority of the team’s time is spent measuring distances to various obstacles from specific landing zones based on shot parameters. After rating the obstacles, the rating team plays the golf course to gain greater insight, from a playing perspective, and to clarify any doubts or questions that may arise on specific holes or shots.

After determining the rating data, the information is entered into the USGA Course Rating Program. This program calculates USGA Yardage Ratings and obstacle values for a scratch and bogey golfer, as well as the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating for every set of tees.

Course Rating is a measure of the difficulty of courses for a scratch golfer and Slope Rating is a measure of the relative difficulty of courses for golfers who aren’t scratch players.

Before the new ratings are released to the club, the team’s results are submitted to the CWGA Course Rating Review Committees for final evaluation and approval.