CWGA Club Numbers

As part of the integration with the CGA, we created one GHIN database for all 60,000 members and nearly 500 clubs.

CWGA club numbers have changed:

  • The prefix to the CWGA club number was “07” – it is now “03”
  • CWGA club numbers now start with “5” and they are four digits.
  • So, if your old club number was 07-111, then your new club number is 03-5111.  If your old club number was 12, then your new club number is 03-5012.
  • If you used two digits after your club number for your “service”, that will remain the same.  07-133-03 is now 03-5133-03

In addition:

  • E-clubhouse will be available through 2018
  • The newsletter  members receive on the 1st and 15th of every month will continue; it will be the same one for CWGA and CGA members
  • Our logo for 2018 will be a combination of the existing CWGA and CGA logos (as above)
  • Later this year, we will kick off a branding exercise, as well as a web design project with the aim of rolling out a new logo and combined website in 2019
  • Juliet Miner (formerly President of CWGA) is now co-president of CGA
  • The CGA board of directors is comprised of all CWGA and CGA board members and the first joint meeting was held in December
  • Dues will remain the same = $35 for members and $75 for clubs
  • The mobile app you and your members use to post scores is the same, but with the new combination logo


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