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We cannot run the CGA without volunteers helping out.  Nearly 100 women volunteer for the CGA by serving on a committee such as tournaments, juniors, rules, handicapping, site selection, and course rating.  Committee members are provided with a CGA golf shirt, and are reimbursed for mileage, meals, and lodging expenses incurred while volunteering.

Tournament Committee

The CGA Tournament committee works at all the CGA Women’s tournaments doing registration, scoring, starting, spotting and other tasks to ensure that the event is run smoothly, and that the players have a great experience.

Course Rating Committee

The committee rates Colorado golf facilities to provide a uniform basis for handicapping, in accordance with the recommendations of the United States Golf Association.  To be eligible to be a rater, you must have a handicap of 18 or less.

Rules Committee

The Rules committee is on hand at all tournaments to officiate and apply the Rules of Golf . The committee also conducts Rules of Golf seminars for member clubs. Individuals who have a solid understanding of the USGA Rules of Golf and who are committed to continuing their education in the Rules of Golf are the ideal candidates for serving.

Membership Committee

The committee is responsible for creating and providing resources to clubs, and individual members of the CGA, and increasing membership in the Association.