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Colorado Women's Golf AssociationIt’s Official – CWGA to join forces with the CGA

We are excited to share that the CWGA Board of Directors and our member clubs have voted to unite with the Colorado Golf Association to better serve all golfers in the state and to further grow the game in Colorado.  This will allow both associations to comply with a USGA directive to streamline the state association structure across the country. The combined association will be known as the Colorado Golf Association.

Shown above is Joe McCleary, CGA President, Laura Robinson, CWGA Executive Director, Juliet Miner, CWGA President and Ed Mate, CGA Executive Director.

The idea of joining forces with the CGA is not new.  We both recently celebrated our centennials, and believe that the opportunity to grow and expand golf in Colorado for the next 100 years lies through developing one, strong, state association that serves everyone.  The formation of an integrated association accomplishes the strategic goals of the CWGA, the CGA and the USGA.

What does this mean to you? We will continue to serve our clubs and women golfers in all the ways that we do today.  Tournaments, rules seminars, golf experiences, newsletters, handicap services, club support and the annual meeting will continue.  In addition, the integration will provide us with the resources to expand our programs in collaborative and innovative ways that we cannot do today.

Both associations are enthusiastic about the opportunities this means for the 60,000 members who will benefit from this collaboration.

Here  is a link to a Q&A with more detailed information.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this, please feel free to email us at cwga@coloradowomensgolf.org.  We would be happy to hear your comments and answer your questions.

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Handicap Lookup & Score History

  • Sharon Thiel

    09/12/2017Riverdale DunesHole ##12
  • Brenda Cook

    09/09/2017Pinery ValleyHole ##1
  • Tina Montgomery

    09/08/2017Eagle Ranch Golf ClubHole #8
  • Kristine McWilliams

    09/06/2017BlackBear Golf CourseHole ##3
  • Michele McKellar

    08/28/2017HaymakerHole #7
  • Krista Morgan

    08/26/2017Breckenridge Golf CubHole #Beaver 3
  • Becky Hammer

    08/25/2017Kissing CamelsHole #North 2
  • Kris Olson

    08/16/2017The Broadmoor West CourseHole #9
  • Jan McGee

    08/15/2017Meadows Golf ClubHole #15
  • Cindy Carroll

    08/01/2017Southridge Golf CourseHole #18
  • Jennifer Wilson

    08/01/2017Perry Park Country ClubHole #17
  • Pam Hauck

    07/25/2017Riverdale DunesHole #8
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